Meet Our President

Donna Scarborough, President & CEO

Donna Scarborough

President & CEO



"P3’s well servicing and plugging operating processes, as delivered through its quality employees, is the model for accuracy, efficiency, effectiveness and safety."

The Culture at P3

At P3, we hire talented individuals and allow them to work in an environment that fosters teamwork. We are a service business built and maintained on a team culture that strives to deliver a superior overall experience for our customers. Teamwork together with leadership is the foundation of our performance. Our supportive culture of collaboration ensures capable equipment, cohesive systems, policies, operating procedures and safety compliance across the company. Throughout the industry’s most prolific basins, we work together to drive performance and results for our customers.

Meet Our Business Development Team

Christina Fritz, Assistant Sales Manager & Business Development Analyst

Christina Fritz

Assistant Sales Manager &
Business Development Analyst


Meet Our Field Support Staff

Carin Cummings, CFO

Carin Cummings



Dollie Bagley, Administrative Assistant

Dollie Bagley

Administrative Assistant

Meet Our Field Operations Team

Kimbell Sanders, Field Supervisor

Kimbell Sanders

Field Supervisor

Kevin Baugh, Rig Supervisor

Kevin Baugh

Rig Supervisor

Tommy Ellison, Rig Supervisor

Tommy Ellison

Rig Supervisor


Gus Jimenez, Rig Supervisor

Gus Jimenez

Rig Supervisor

Randy Lynch, Cement Pump Supervisor

Randy Lynch

Cement Pump Supervisor