The Core Values of P3  -  P • R • I • N • C • E • S • S


We hire the best. We believe our people are our most important asset, providing the foundation of our values and convictions. We respect one another and our customers, recognizing that our success depends upon our commitment to the people we serve.


We are accountable for our actions. We are responsible for the safety and development of our people and the communities in which we operate. We deliver on our promises.


We strive to always do the right thing. Honesty and integrity establish the trust that is critical to our relationships. We stick by our word and honor our commitments.


We concentrate on specific geological areas. We do this in order to build long-term relationships with vendors to secure the best resources available.


We provide expertise and sound judgment. Our people are competent in handling most situations encountered in the oilfield. Our “can do” spirit delivers top performance.


We are efficient in finding and producing oil and gas reserves. By keeping our operating and capital expenditures to a minimum, we maximize revenues for our partners and customers.


We believe that protecting our employees and the environment is essential. Not only is this good for business, it is what makes our company a great place to work. Our goal is no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment.


We have a reputation for stability and reliability. We believe in the principle of mutual advantage for our employees, our partners and our customers.