Oil and Gas Equipment Rentals

60 & 30 Barrel Bobtail Trucks:

60 and 30 barrel bobtail trucks

  • 150 p.s.i. Roper pump
  • Triplex pump
  • Vacuum pump

Cement Pump Unit:

cement pump unit

  • Available for P&A jobs, squeezes and retainers
  • 4,000 p.s.i.


Oil and Gas Lease Consulting Services

P3’s Consulting Services Include:

  • Completing any and all necessary paperwork with the Texas Railroad Commission and regulatory agencies in Louisiana and Oklahoma
  • Troubleshooting downhole problems; such as, lost circulation, casing and tubing leaks, stuck pipe, fishing jobs, etc.
  • Estimating pipe recovery and supervising casing pulling
Please contact christina@princessthree.com for a Proposal of our Consulting Services.